About Kids Do Yoga™

By integrating more than 10 years of yoga teaching experience; upwards of 20 years of yogic study; education in natural living, energy coaching, and early childhood development; and creative flair, Maggie Verderame has developed a unique, all-encompassing approach to guiding yoga classes for kids and families. Maggie’s Kids Do Yoga Program™ is thorough, de-mystifying, age-appropriate, and fun. You can rest assured our teaching staff is personally selected and trained by Maggie — a skillful teacher trainer with thousands of hours experience as a training facilitator.  

Our classes are designed to nurture children of all ages through respect, support, encouragement, and inspiration.  Using yoga, we provide opportunities for attaining skill sets that can contribute to one’s whole life – emotionally, educationally, physically, and socially.


On a daily basis we all encounter situations that can be dealt with yogically.  That is, they can be looked at through a positive lens, and handled calmly with deep breaths, a sense of going with the flow, an open mind, and a willing heart.  However, as we are developing, we are not always given the tools to confront life this way.  Enter yoga for kids!

Most people in the West discover yoga as adults, but in this day and age, when life seems to move at a non-stop pace, the global community gets smaller and smaller, and children face more stress with less time, it has never been more important for them to be given the gift of yoga!  Practicing yoga reminds us of the true and constant happiness we are all born with.  Yoga offers freedom of expression; tools for self-knowing, self-confidence, self-awareness; simple means of experiencing fun; deep connection to the quiet, imaginative space of the mind; and true physical health.

With this program we remind children of their brilliance and importance, we demonstrate how to care for one’s self and one another respectfully, we encourage a happy and playful spirit, and, we send a message of hope for a bright world.  It is our intention that children take what they learn through this program with them, and that they be happy, well adjusted individuals who create a life from their heart’s desires.

~ Biography of KDY Founder ~

Maggie Verderame, Kids Do Yoga™ Founder

Maggie Verderame is a certified yoga teacher for adults and children.  Yoga Alliance recognizes her as E-RYT, an “Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher” with over 5,000 hours of teaching experience.

Maggie began practicing Hatha Yoga in 1992 in order to heal from a debilitating case of scoliosis and subsequent health disorders.  At the time, Maggie was a student and professional performer working in musical theatre.  No longer able to work or attend school because of her physical ailments, a new avenue opened up and her study of yoga took flight.

As time went on, Maggie was inspired by improvements to her overall health and how she was able to use yoga to drastically reposition her curved spine and rotated ribcage.  She gained new awareness of natural living and did coursework in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Energy-Based Coaching.  All the while she continued in-depth practice and study of yoga with emphasis on Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Healthy again, Maggie went back to her love of musical performance and while working on a children’s musical, she was given the task of directing very young cast members.  She was inspired by these children and guiding them felt natural.  Maggie instinctively used yoga with the children as a means to support their ability to focus, ready their bodies and remember their theatrical roles.  Ultimately this work lead to an exploration of early child development, primary school teaching, and implementing original after school programming for ages 3 through 12 years old.  Not yet a yoga teacher, Maggie inherently infused yoga into her work with children because it was a foundational principal in her life and she had seen how wonderfully it translated to them.

In 2001 Maggie began teaching yoga to adults.  In 2003 she opened her own yoga studio which she directed for 5 years.  Simultaneous study of how yoga applies specifically to children of multiple ages lead to the development of her Kids Do Yoga Program.™  Through her yogic entertainment company, Magareeshi Productions, Maggie writes stories and music for children as well as develops family-friendly, mindful entertainment programming.  Maggie is a reputable yoga teacher trainer and has been pivotal in bringing awareness of yoga to Las Vegas.  Combining her passions, she now concentrates her yoga teaching on children and families.  In addition to leading classes, she trains yoga teachers, parents and professionals working with kids in the many facets of yoga for children.

Maggie’s hope for her Kids Do Yoga Program™ is that it de-mystifies yoga for kids and their families, demonstrates how yoga can be practically applied to daily life and inspires natural living for families everywhere through its blog, “Mindful Mommy Moments.”

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Maggie is a mother, writer, Music Together teacher, and a singer-songwriter.  In collaboration with her multi-talented husband, she has released an original kids album and looks forward to offering live concerts in tandem with her kids yoga programming.  Her creativity flourishes through her yoga practice, and yoga supports her intention to parent consciously, holistically, and compassionately on a daily basis.  Yoga serves as a springboard for all Maggie and her family do.

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