“Mindful Mommy Moments”

Observations in yogic parenting and living a healthy, all-natural life with kids …


Mindful Mommy Moments is a blog about fleeting moments of mindfulness, conscious yumminess, holistic living, and yoga for the whole family.


I am a mom, a wife, a yoga teacher, a vegetarian home-cook, a writer, and a singer-songwriter.  I am not a guru, and I am certainly not mindful all the time!  I have never levitated (yet).  But after years of infusing yoga into my daily life and studying natural living, I have gathered useful tips on organic gardening, healthy cooking, and practical yoga for everyone.  You can read more about my background here.


My hope is simple:  that this blog inspires you to feel more flexible in body and mind, to feed your family naturally, to easily live green, to bring yogic fun to your kids, and to create joy in your life.


Click on what interests you in the “Categories” and “Recent Posts” sections of the right side bar to begin the inspirations!


Namasté!  Maggie Verderame

Founder of Kids Do Yoga


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