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Maggie Verderame is a respected teacher trainer.  Her training programs include a dynamic expression of yoga and give new teachers tools to guide their yoga classes with utter coherence, distinction, and ease.  These courses are packed with information, experiences, and fun!


Maggie Verderame’s Kids Do Yoga Program™

Teacher-Track Trainings

This program is intended to train yoga teachers to teach yoga-specific classes and programming to children and their families.  The courses are divided by age groupings:

Prenatal/Postnatal Basics & Baby Yoga

Yoga for Tots & Kids

Yoga for T’weens & Teens


This program is available to 200+ hour-trained yoga teachers, or those teachers with a minimum of 2.5 years of teaching experience.  Trainees must complete KDY’s application process and be accepted into our program.  Those interested in teaching the KDY Program, must complete each course as well as post-practicum hours entailing practice-teaching and assistant-teaching for each age group we work with, before they are invited to teach. 

The main thing that sets the KDY Program apart from other kids yoga classes is that all of our teachers have a solid foundational understanding of yoga in addition to a broad understanding of how yoga pertains to children of varying ages.  We keenly understand child development and apply yoga to kids and families accordingly.

The reason this program is only offered to current yoga teachers is because Maggie believes that, while teaching yoga to children is quite unique in comparison to teaching adults, prior knowledge and comprehension of yoga is necessary to be able to provide a whole and safe yoga experience for children in the yoga-specific class environment. 


Coursework Includes:

  • Daily group yoga practice
  • Demonstrative/Community classes for specific age groups
  • Practice teaching
  • Lecture, philosophy & asana with practical applications
  • Discussion groups
  • Chakric development
  • Child development
  • Multiple types of learning
  • Engaging & welcoming children as they are
  • Child-led teaching experiences
  • Utilizing “Language of Energy” & being present for children
  • Utilizing Yogactivities™
  • Internship/Assistant teaching


This course is not currently scheduled. At present, Maggie is working one on one with teacher trainees.  Interested parties, please contact us to inquire.  Stay posted for formal course dates by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our newsletter.



KDY Foundational Training Workshop

Kids Do Yoga believes that all kids deserve to live a happy, healthy life and that we all can benefit from yoga in any setting!  We know there are many people who would like to incorporate bits of kids yoga into their family life or, work, even though they are not yoga teachers.  While we feel strongly that full-fledged teaching of kids yoga should be left to experts with experience and education in the art and science of yoga, we also feel that anyone who loves a child has what it takes to attain a basic skill set and knowledge in order to present yoga to kids in an informal setting.

This program is intended for people who work with children/families and are interested in sharing yoga with kids, but who are not trained/experienced yoga teachers.  We explore yoga basics, general study of yoga for kids, basic child development and growth stages, yoga games and activities that can be applied to various ages, and, multiple helpful kids yoga resources.  This workshop is intended to be simplistic yet thorough and is empowering for anyone interested in an introduction to yoga for kids and/or families!

Our Foundational Workshop focuses on the creative sharing of yoga versus “how to teach a kids yoga class”.  It is appropriate for childcare providers, educators, homeschoolers, medical (especially pediatric) professionals, child and family counselors, and anyone else who wishes to learn more about how to incorporate yoga with children between the ages of 2 and 16 years old into the work they do.

Workshop Includes:

  • Hands-on/experiential learning
  • Discussion & Lecture
  • Basic Yoga
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Introduction to child-friendly meditation & focusing/calming exercises
  • How to play various yoga games
  • How to be creative with yoga
  • How to incorporate yoga into seasonal, educational, themed activities
  • Musical yoga
  • Storytelling yoga

This course is not currently scheduled.  Stay posted for formal course dates by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our newsletter.



KDY Parent & Guardian Workshop


The Kids Do Yoga Parent & Guardian Workshop is a wonderfully fun, practical program offered to parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts and uncles who wish to have a deeper understanding of how yoga can be applied throughout a day in the life of a family.


This workshop takes place over two consecutive weekends:  Weekend 1 is an adult’s only 3 hour course.  On Weekend 2 the adults return with their family members to join in our Family Power™ Specialty Class and see how their coursework applies in real life.


Workshop Includes:

  • Basic Yoga for various ages
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Introduction to child-friendly meditation & focusing/calming exercises
  • How to play various yoga games
  • Family Mindfulness 101
  • Musical yoga
  • Storytelling yoga




Maggie Verderame’s Yinyasa Yoga Method™

Teacher’s Course of Study

3 Modules which can be taken in any order

Yoga is a reflection of life.   Vinyasa Yoga emulates the flow of daily events and circumstances while Yin Yoga reveals depths of health, body awareness and spirituality.  This program is intended to assist teachers in listening more deeply to their own intuition and reveal the basics of alignment that allow practitioners to move with freedom, balance, and courage while they flow from one pose to the next.

Certification is offered to 200+ hour-trained yoga teachers, or those teachers with a minimum of 2.5 years teaching experience.  Practitioners with 4+ years experience may attend and receive a certificate of completion, however post-practicum hours are not available to non-yoga teachers.


Coursework Includes:

  • 2 Daily yoga practices, 1 self-Led & 1 guided
  • Lecture, philosophy & asana with practical applications
  • Clinical breakdown of asana from simplest modifications to advanced variations so that all levels may practice together
  • Creating, maintaining & building on class themes ranging from physical to spiritual
  • In depth exploration of physical, verbal & partner adjustments to make all the difference
  • Personal & practice-based chakra studies
  • Exploration & observation of traditional chanting, nauli, kriya, pranayama, yogic diet
  • Experiential discussion groups based on books, asana, anatomy, health, spirituality & more
  • “Intuitive Practice – Intuitive Teaching”™ – Maggie’s method for developing student-connected teachers with dedicated practices


This course is currently not being offered as Maggie is focused on her Kids Do Yoga™ Program & Teacher Training.  Interested parties, please contact us to inquire.

Call (702)458-6050 or email Maggie below:


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